Sunday, July 19, 2009

Today I was on my way to the swimming pool when I was exiting from the subway station and witnessed a woman whose right heel of one of her high-heeled shoes got stuck in a kind of gully grating. A policeman that was standing not far from her noticed it and said.
-You’d better watch your steps. You should have kept your heels high above.
  • As I could notice she was a bit embarrassed as well as frightened to broke that high-heel of the shoe. As I could tell she was a bit embarrassed as well as frightened to have broken the heel of her shoe. I do not know what happened next and how much time passed before she managed to free herself from the trap. I just went past her hurrying up to get to my destination.
    Maybe I am exaggerating and making a mountain out of a molehill but that case made me think that very often people stand just like that policeman saying their banal and pseudosympathetic words that do not help at all. We like to be on the safe side watching someone’s disaster from our vantage point and feeling deep inside that we should be thankful to our fate for being so lucky in comparison to others – others who need our genuine help; not the patronizing attitude which actually gives nothing but makes the situation even worse.