Wednesday, September 16, 2009

TOEFL essay

It's more important to study and learn than to do exercise and play sports.

It goes without saying that education is indispensable for achieving success in many fields. It is easy to assume that exercise and sports come second to studying and learning; however, we should not underestimate the impact which physical activity has on our life. Exercise and sports benefit us in many ways.

First, regular physical exercise helps prevent serious medical problems such as heart attacks, obesity, and diabetes. Scientists have proven that exercising on a regular basis may significantly reduce your blood cholesterol level, which reduces the risk of developing dangerous heart conditions. You can hardly live a happy life if your health does not allow you to enjoy the life around you. You may not be satisfied with an outstanding career at all if you paid for that success with your health.

Secondly, regular exercise not only keeps you healthy, but also keeps you looking good. No matter how many times it has already been said that we should not judge a book by its cover, our society places a lot of value on how we look. The fact of the matter is that an attractive appearance is blessing that makes life easier when it comes to private life or career development. Moreover, scientific research has clearly shown that physical activity is instrumental in prolonging life and maintaining mental acuity. In old age you will be grateful to your wise parents, who got you into the habit of doing sport and thus made your life healthier and longer.

Finally, our body needs strength to cope with everyday stress, and regular exercise helps develop this resistance. When, for instance, we are working out in a gym, jogging, or swimming the level of serotonin in the brain, the substance responsible for boosting your mood or reducing pain, increases. This is a natural way of preventing depression and adverse impact of stressful events that we sometimes experience.

In conclusion, sports and exercises let us lead a healthy life, keep our body in a good shape improving our appearance, and extend the lifespan.