Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hope it will never happen!

This article - - makes me feel that these people are not able to see a situation from a broad perspective. Their greed makes them blind. If they really do this - let mobile operators and Internet providers take control over Skype and ICQ - they are going to end up with millions disappointed users who will stop using Skype and ICQ and switch to alternative instant messengers. Who will win?

What's next? E-mail???

Round 4...

I am going for TOEFL. I haven’t rescheduled my exam - my 4th attempt. I am very determined to pass it this time but when I think about speaking part of the test I feel fear shivering down my spine. I hope that there will be no any puzzling speaking questions that make me freeze up and stare hopelessly at the screen :); like this one – “Talk about an event from the past that you would like to relive.” However, I have worked through such type of questions. But you can never be sure what the test makers have come up with and what a surprise they have for you :)
Yesterday, I met with my brother’s wife. She came over to Moscow for a couple of weeks to settle some issues with their flat. She said that Dasha (their daughter) did not want to speak Russian. She says that it’s much more convenient for her to use English. She sometimes doesn’t even use the endings correctly, which is not good, of course. However, I wish I had such a total immersion in English…