Saturday, July 18, 2009

My name is Dmitri. I have created this blog for improving my English language skills. It is intended for being used as a study aid in polishing my English. I am going to write about anything that comes to my mind on a regular basis. My aim is to achieve the necessary fluency so that I would be able to describe any topic I want to using a perfect and grammatically correct English. These topics may include my own life, my traveling or language learning experiences, local news etc.

Currently, I am having some problems with writing and speaking (speaking is without a doubt my primary issue). The lack of memorized language constructions for expressing my thoughts (as I call it) often makes me think too much when I want to say or write something in English. I hope that this blog will be a great way of developing the fluidity of thoughts as well as getting rid of grammar mistakes I am still making.

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