Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I like the way banks are concerned about their customers' safety

Today I had a phone call from my bank. They said they had blocked my card. I was taken aback for a second. However, the man said that they did it because of the suspicious transaction that had appeared on my card. He said he wanted to ask me some questions before making the final decision of reissuing my card.
Below is my dialogue with the bank manager:
- Could you name your secret word?
- Yes, if I haven’t changed it should be .....
- Yes, right.
- So, the reason we have blocked your card is because there is a particular transaction that made us alert. Let’s go through all of the transactions on your card for the last month.
- Ok.
- Well…the payment of XXX rubles made to… Do you confirm it?
- Yes, I do.
- Then goes the transaction that actually raised our concern and made us block your card. It was done through ATM. It was the balance inquiry.
- Through ATM of which bank was it done? Bank of ….?
- Yes, it is.
- Yes, I remember I did make a balance inquiry but I cannot remember what the reason was for.
- So, you did this inquiry?
- Yes, I confirm it.
- Ok. That’s everything we wanted to know. We are going to unblock your card. You should be able to use it within ten minutes. Thank you.
- Thank you.

After a while I thought that this call might be a good candidate for my blog to practice every day spoken language...
I think if it were happening in an English environment I doubt I would be able to speak fluently. There would be a lot of stuttering and pauses in my speech.


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