Monday, July 20, 2009

Today I am going to answer sixteen TOEFL speaking questions. I feel that I really need to answer all the questions I have found on the Internet because they seem to be quite similar to the real TOEFL ones.
I am still not sure whether I should reschedule my test or push my luck. However, luck is the last thing one should count on when dealing with this test. :) Actually, it doesn’t work at all in this case. But I am tired of my incessant attempts to pass this terrible exam. I have tried it 3 times already with moderate outcomes. :( I also think that I have invested too much time in preparing for the TOEFL while GMAT is even harder and actually more important for admission. However, I need at least 100 score on the TOEFL. My current 86 doesn’t look impressive at all. Given the fact that the competition is going to be fierce because many people who lost the job have decided to go back to school, it does make sense not to be satisfied with anything that lower 100 and work harder. Worker bees get the honey. :)

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