Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Ages ago God was bestowing the life to living creatures and every animal had been gifted with fifty years of living on the Earth. Enough. But the man was the last to come. God had only twenty five years left.
The Man resented, - Why so little?
God answered, - It’s enough.
No, the man said, - I need more.
God replied, - Go and ask somebody. Maybe someone has an excess of life and will give you some.
The man left and met a horse on his way. Well, he said,
- I have so short life. Please, give me a bit of yours.
- Ok, take twenty five years.
The man goes farther and meets a dog.
-Dog, give me some of your life.
-Ok, - the dog said, - take twenty five years.
The man goes father and meets a monkey and asks her for another twenty five years.
Then he goes back to God and God tells him.
- So, be it. The first twenty five years you will live like a man. The next twenty five you will work like a horse. The third twenty five you will be barking like a dog. And during the last remaining part everyone will be laughing at you as if you were a monkey.


leila said...

really nice. i believe in that deeply bcoz I am in the 2nd step now

English-diary said...

Me too. Welcome aboard! :)