Thursday, September 3, 2009

TOEFL essay

Extroverts are better leaders than introverts

There is a widely held opinion that an outgoing personality is an indispensable characteristic that every good leader must possess. Many people believe that introverts are not able to take a leadership position in society. Their disposition is simply not suitable for this. I think this is an incorrect assumption and being a successful leader does not necessarily mean you have to be an extrovert.

First of all, there is a misconception that leaders are only those who are capable of assembling people in a group and leading them to a certain goal which not all members of the group are able to understand because they lack the characteristics of a visionary leader. Of course, a person who is talkative and is energized by other people seems to be the right candidate for this task. And this is why extroverts are thriving. They seem to be created for this role. However, I do not think we should limit the notion of leadership to the ability of managing a group of people. We should not overlook the fact that introverts can also lead the people in their own way. Artists, writers and scientists whose work involves creative thinking and requires a great deal of concentration can also establish new trends and pathways for others. These people may act out of their passion and dedication to the work they are doing. They may display signs of aloofness, but people still like them and the values they bring to the table. These inward-looking people may even change the world we live in. This is what makes the notion/idea that extroverts are inherently better leaders so shallow.

In addition, extroverts, without a doubt, outnumber introverts. They are dominant among politicians, CEO, and entertainers. We live in a world run by extroverts. It is likely the very fact that there are so many successful extroverts around has convinced people to consider them better leaders. It is hard for a person who easily gets tired of talking with people to demonstrate his or her talent for leadership. But that does not necessarily mean that this talent is somehow inferior to an extrovert’s.

In conclusion, extroverts outnumber introverts, but introverts may be good leaders too. Their leadership skills may manifest itself in a different way. But this difference should not downplay introverts’ ability to be good leaders.

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